It's a Family Affair at Allied Associates OB/GYN

Posted on Tuesday, May 14, 2019 in Practices

It's National Women's Health Week, and to celebrate, we have a very special testimonial from an entire family of strong women. Mom Nancy and her daughters Nikki, Kim, and Kelly are all patients of Allied Associates OB/GYN, and their love for their physicians and the practice is evident.

KELLY: I love coming to see Dr. Shores and the team here. I get excited when I see my appointment on the calendar because, it's like - it's a social opportunity. They're not just my care providers. They've become friends. They genuinely remember things about me, and my sisters, and my mom. And we just feel very welcome and like we're not just a patient; we're more than a patient - we're people to them.

NIKKI: I never worried about what doctor was going to walk through that door because I trust everybody here. Of course I love Dr. Shores 'cause she's my primary one but I'll take anybody here. Anybody here. And I'm not scared about it. It was great.

KIM: They're honest, but they had a way of delivering the honest truth in such a sincere, positive way where, you know, it just makes you feel like you're in the right place - that this is where you're supposed to be.

NANCY: You can't get any better having someone take care of your women's health than here. You really can't. It's wonderful. +