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We’re overweight and we’re not doing much about it

It’s no secret that many Americans are overweight. Obesity levels have been rising for several years.

But what’s interesting is that a new study finds many people don’t care if they carry a few extra pounds.

The study found fewer overweight Americans have been trying to lose weight, and researchers wonder if fat acceptance could be among the reasons.

“Socially accepted normal body weight is shifting toward heavier weight,” says Dr. Jian Zhang, a public health researcher at Georgia Southern University, who led the study. “As more people around us are getting heavier, we simply believe we are fine, and no need to do anything with it.”

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Of particular concern in the study is that obesity is most common among black women. Fifty-five percent were found to be obese, and there was a big decline in black women trying to lose weight. Whether that’s because of fat acceptance, dieting frustration or other reasons is not known.

Zhang said there’s a positive side to fat acceptance, if it means people feel less ridiculed for their weight. But obesity can increase risks for heart disease, diabetes, cancer and other ailments.

The findings “are a very serious concern,” he says. “We should forget the words ‘fat’ or ‘obesity.’ ” Zhang adds that a healthy lifestyle may be an effective way to help people lose weight.

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