Emily J. Lott, MD

Emily J. Lott

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Barry Pointe Family Care
9151 NE 81st Terrace
Suite 105
Kansas City, MO 64158
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Hospital Affiliations

Liberty Hospital

Areas of Interest

Sports Medicine, Wellness Exams, Physicals, Sports Injuries, Diabetes, Hypertension, Hyperlipidemia, Anxiety, Depression, Nonsurgical Fractures, Sprains, Strains, Osteoarthritis, Joint Injections


Dr. Lott, a board-certified family physician, became a family medicine physician to help people become healthy and stay healthy and to be there for people in times of need. She enjoys the variety of conditions and ages she is able to treat as a family physician and the opportunity to care for whole families. Dr. Lott is also a sports medicine physician.

Dr. Lott is the current Board President, a past Board Vice President and a past Board Secretary/Treasurer of the Kansas City Academy of Family Physicians.

Outside of work, Dr. Lott runs, bikes, reads, watches sports, and competes in half marathons. Her favorite team is any team from University of Missouri.

Dr. Lott accepts all major insurances. For more information, please visit our Insurance page.


Fellowship: Family Medicine, Sports Medicine, Truman Medical Center-Lakewood
Residency: Community and Family Medicine, Truman Medical Center-Lakewood
Internship: Truman Medical Center
Medical School: University of Missouri-Kansas City School of Medicine

Certifications & Organizations

American Board of Family Medicine
American Academy of Family Physicians
American Medical Association
American Medical Women's Association
American Medical Society of Sports Medicine
Missouri State Medical Association
Society of Teachers of Family Medicine
Kansas City Academy of Family Physicians

Awards & Honors

Kansas City Academy of Family Physicians: Current Board President, Past Board Vice President, Past Board Secretary/Treasurer

UMKC Community and Family Medicine: Past Ethics Committee Member, Past Clinical Task Force Committee Member, Past Maternal Care Committee Member, Past Medical Education Committee Member, Past Neonatal Care Committee Member


Five Minute Sports Medicine Clinical Consult, Chapter on Pneumothorax and Hemothorax. 2011.

  • Video Transcript

    I'm Dr. Emily Lott. I'm a family practice physician at Barry Pointe Family Care.

    I see a wide variety of patients. Of course your typical - as a family practice doctor - you'll see high blood pressure and diabetes, and the cold, sore throat, urinary tract infection - that kind of stuff.

    My special interest is in sports medicine so I also see a lot of patients for knee pain or shoulder pain or elbow pain whether it be an actual sports injury or just an active adult who is a weekend runner and has had some problems. So I see a lot of that stuff too. See everybody from basically newborn age to the age of 80 - 90.

    Within sports medicine I like the things that I can kind of pinpoint and fix. So you have somebody who wants to lose weight and so they've taken up running and they all of the sudden have knee pain and like "Where's this knee pain coming from? Why do I all the sudden have knee pain?" and you kind of can pinpoint their problem and actually give them some stuff that gives them a long term fix.

    So often I hear from other patients of other practices or friends or family that in order to try to get into their doctor - they can't get in because it's gonna be weeks out in order to get in. Or their doctor's only open from 1 o'clock in the afternoon ‘til 4 o'clock in the afternoon the day that works the best for them. I think being able to get our patients in and serve them in every way that we possibly can is part of what draw them in.

"I am an independent physician for the flexibility and being able to have more say over how I deliver care."

Emily J. Lott, MD