Celebrate National Healthy Aging Month

It is estimated that the aging of the Baby Boom generation translates into 3 million people reaching retirement age every year—for the next 20 years!  Not surprisingly, with such a large percentage of the population entering their senior years, healthy aging and healthy lifestyles are a very popular topic in the media.  And now, there’s even a National Healthy Aging Month, which is September. Of course there is no age limit on good health, but sometimes an active lifestyle can be interrupted due to severe hip or knee pain.  The orthopedic surgeons at Signature Medical Group can evaluate your condition and, if appropriate help you return to the activities you enjoy through a knee or hip replacement.

A total joint replacement (TJR) for a hip or knee is a surgical procedure many individuals elect who eager to return to an active lifestyle – and with good reason!  The severe pain they had experience that limited their movement is eliminated. Naturally, you may have some questions when considering your TJR: When is it safe to start exercising again? Is this the best option for me? Which activities or sports are safe to participate in? How much activity is too much? How long with the new joint last?

The orthopedic surgeons at Signature Medical Group are nationally recognized for their work in managing joint replacements and are happy to consult with you on your specific situation.  Also, other members of the Signature team stand ready to assist in helping you return a healthy lifestyle—from Signature nutritionists to Signature personal trainers to Signature orthopedic surgeons.  Our specialists will work together to help you can achieve your active lifestyle goals.