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Caring for your mental health is vital

Recently, a web developer in Michigan emailed her co-workers, informing them she would be taking a couple of days off because of mental health issues.

The web developer had been suffering from depression and anxiety, USA Today reported. Afterward, her boss thanked her for her candor. She shared the exchange on social media, and it’s been retweeted about 15,000 times.

The response should not be surprising.

Millions of Americans are experiencing mental illness. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says only 17 percent of U.S adults are considered to be in a state of optimal mental health, USA Today added.

At Signature Medical Group, we’re definitely taking notice. You can trust our knowledgeable psychologists to diagnose and treat behavioral and emotional issues. Our therapy and counseling involves teaching patients coping strategies to better deal with their difficulties.

When do you need to take a mental health day? USA Today cites these symptoms from experts:

  • When you’re not able to be engaged.
  • When you’re physically there but your mind is elsewhere.
  • When you notice you’re treating your loved ones differently.
  • When you’re displacing anger.
  • If you notice you’re getting sick more often than is usual for you.
  • When you’re depressed and isolating.
  • When you’re not doing the things you love or getting as much pleasure from things that used to bring you pleasure.
  • When you’re not socializing as much.
  • When you don’t feel like yourself.

Psychotherapists say when you do take a mental health day, think about what you find relaxing and re-energizing, USA Today reports. If it’s food shopping, do it. If it’s a walk in the park, do that. We all have different ways of caring for ourselves.

If you need help, Signature Medical Group is here for you. Make an appointment today to visit with one of our psychologists. The road to healing starts here.