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Attention, men: You may want to cut back on eating red meat

Do you love to dine on steaks, hamburgers or prime rib? Be careful, a new study suggests. At least, if you’re a man.

Men who regularly eat red meat have a higher risk of developing an inflammatory bowel condition called diverticulitis than men who don’t have much red meat in their diet. The study, led by a Harvard researcher, did not cover women.

The men in the study who ate six or more servings of red meat weekly were 58 percent more likely to develop diverticulitis during the 26-year study than the men in the study who ate the least amount, which was 1.2 servings weekly on average.

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Diverticulitis occurs when the wall of a person’s gut bulges out from its usual position and forms a small sac — called a diverticulum — and this sac becomes inflamed. Although such bulges can happen anywhere in the gut, they’re most common in the large intestine.

Diverticulitis leads to about 210,000 hospitalizations each year in the United States, and the total cost of treating patients with the condition is more than $2 billion, the researchers wrote. However, it’s not entirely clear what causes the condition, and what puts someone at risk for developing it, the researchers added.

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